Stretching and challenging training from a first job through to a career in management with our apprenticeships

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The ABM Apprenticeships Programme

ABM Training is focussed on personal and career development through apprenticeships. We skill employees in a wide range of job roles. Apprentices often stay with ABM Training as they progress through their first job through to extended careers in leadership and management. Our portfolio of courses includes provision at levels 2, 3, 4 and 5.

We deliver a wide range of apprenticeships in Adult and Social Care; Education & Early Years; Business; Customer Service and Sales; Leadership and Management.

Each ABM apprenticeship comprises expert led ‘CPD style‘ workshops; interactive online virtual classrooms; forum theatre; 1-2-1 coaching and e-learning. When it’s needed we support learners with English and maths too.

Watch the ten minute digital presentation here.

CPD, Short Courses & E-learning

Our CPD, short courses and e-learning programmes are designed to deliver big impact in bite sized ‘chunks of learning‘. We offer both full day and half day training rooms; 2 -4 hour expert tutor led virtual classrooms; and bespoke interactive online e-learning.

Our course content is organised into five catalogues:

Road test an ABM RISE module here .

ABM Apprenticeships

ABM Training offers 14 apprenticeships that can be directly funded through the apprenticeship levy scheme.

OFSTED say ABM Training is a GOOD apprenticeships provider !

ABM Training UK lTd was fully inspected by OSFTED in September 2022 and received the coveted ‘GOOD’ grade against all criteria. Ofsted found a dedicated, well trained and skilled delivery team; apprentices who learned new skills and demonstrated them in the workplace; and employers who valued the impact of the apprenticeships that ABM Training UK Ltd delivers in Kent, Sussex and South East London

Care worker apprenticeships in the South East and Kent

Most Popular ABM Apprenticeships

We offer a full range of care sector training designed to support everything from entry level junior job roles through to the demanding range of skills needed to successfully manage a care home. Download our brochures:

Featured E-Learning & ApprenticeTV for Apprenticeships

Client Feedback

At ABM Training we regularly survey our clients and their learners and use this feedback to continually develop our training. Here’s a few quotes from recent returns:

ABM offer a comprehensive educational setting supporting our staff to develop their skills and confidence within their chosen subject field. Excellent !

Employer Voice Survey, Dec 2020

ABM go above and beyond in all aspects and my tutors are so knowledgeable and helpful.

Learner Feedback Survey, Nov 2020

Their professionalism and support has been amazing. I would completely recommend ABM as your go to apprenticeship provider

Employer Voice Survey, Jan 2021

OFSTED Feedback

ABM Training were inspected by OFSTED in September 2022. Here’s some of the feedback from their published report:

the vast majority of apprentices benefit from high-quality, off-the-job training that is well aligned with their roles. Consequently, apprentices produce work of a good, and often better, standard. They quickly apply their learning in their workplace. For example, level 3 teaching assistant apprentices become increasingly able to work with children of different age groups and with different learning needs.

OFSTED report, Sept 2022

Most apprentices develop professional behaviours, confidence and resilience quickly. For example, level 3 adult care worker apprentices become increasingly able to challenge poor or unsafe practice at work. As a result, apprentices quickly understand and demonstrate the importance of responsibility for themselves and those in their care.

OFSTED report, Sept 2022

Staff use assessment well to plan learning and review apprentices’ progress. Apprentices rightly value the useful feedback that helps them to understand how to develop their work and become better at their jobs. Staff ensure that the vast majority of apprentices understand, and are well prepared for their final assessment

OFSTED report, Sept 2022