Care candidates

Joby M Joseph



Highly capable and compassionate Senior Care Assistant with experience providing optimal assistance and care to residents in collaboration with other staff members. Committed to ensuring the highest level of care and support through best practices. Being an experienced and certified care professional, I am committed to providing my residents with the best care possible.


General Care Nurse
(24/06/2013 to 0110912016)
Travancore Foundation, Kottayam, Kerala
• Responsibilities include dementia care and nursing documentation.
• Senior Care Assistant for semi-conscious and mentally ill residents.
• Providing high-quality nursing care, supporting and assisting individuals who are in need, maintaining confidentiality and raising concerns.

Staff Nurse
(16/09/2001 to 23/07/2006)
Al Bukayriyah General Hospital,
AI-Quassim Province, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
• Provide basic care and support for the patients under our care.
• Assessing the prognosis of the individuals and acting accordingly (Eg: In an Emergency Case).
• Promote the independency of people and raise concerns whenever necessary.
• Maintain and keep records.

Healthcare Nurse
(01/09/1996to 16/07/2001)
Mahatma Gandhi Mission Hospital, Navi Mumbai
• Provide Comprehensive patient care in different medical and surgical departments.


Diploma in General Nursing and Midwifery
Board of Examination for Nursing, Government of Andhra Pradesh.
Nursing Fundamentals, Anatomy, Physiology, Microbiology, Medical Surgical Nursing, Paediatric Nursing, Midwifery, Community Health, Mental Health and Psychiatric Nursing.

Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam,
Commerce and Accounting as Principal Subjects.

Board of Public Examinations, Kerala
Chemistry, biology, Physics and Mathematics.

English IELTS
IELTS (UKVI Number: IEU2805022/IN855/142902)
Date of Exam: 28/05/2022 Date of Expiry: 28/05/2024

All overseas candidates will have completed the Care Certificate and L1 Induction to Adult Social Care prior to the commencement of employment, giving them a strong underpinning knowledge of the UK adult care sector

• Good Communication
• Good Decision making
• Good Team Player
• IT Skills
• Compassionate
• Competent
• Sincere and loyal
• Reliable and trustworthy


Full references will be provided to registered employers.

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