Complaints Policy


We hope all our service users will be satisfied with the services offered by ABM Training UK Ltd. Indeed we often get thanks and compliments! However should a learner, an employer or a member of the public have concerns, we take these very seriously. While most issues that arise can be sorted out informally, this policy outlines the steps available if it is felt the issue needs to be taken further.

Who can make a complaint ?

Anyone can make an informal or formal complaint about anything linked to administration, training, assessment, verification or personnel conduct whether they are receiving services from ABM Training UK Ltd or not. This includes learners; a group of learners; an employer; a contractor; members of the public and parents/carers of children under 18.

Reasons for a complaint

A complaint can arise when someone considers that a service has not been delivered as they might reasonably expect. This might take the form of:  

  • Inappropriate conduct of an ABM Training representative
  • Failure to follow ABM Training’s policies
  • Failure to follow an Awarding Body’s Code of Practice
  • Failure to reach service standard
  • Failure to provide a service
  • Failure to carry out action promised
  • Inefficient delivery of service
  • Wrong or incomplete information given

How to make a complaint

By registering for an apprenticeship qualification through ABM Training UK Ltd, learners and employers have agreed to abide by its Complaints Procedure, as outlined below.

If a learner has a complaint that can be easily put right, in the first instance they can contact the workplace allocated tutor/assessor. That member of staff will endeavour to resolve the matter satisfactorily. This should be dealt with within fivedays of the complaint being made.

In the unlikely event that the tutor/assessor has not been successful, the complainant will complete the Complaints Form and they will refer the complaint to the Learner Journey Manager who will respond directly within five days of referral.

If the Learner Journey Manager is unable to resolve the matter, then the complaint should be referred to a Director or other member of Senior Leadership Team. They will respond within ten working days to the complaint. The response will give a full written explanation.

These timescales have been fixed to ensure that complaints are dealt with quickly, however they may be extended if agreed by both parties. Where complaints need to be dealt with outside of the time frames specified, all parties will be notified of this.

If a learner, or anyone else, has a complaint to make, they can ask to speak to, or see, the Learning Journey Manager in person, or if unavailable, any other member of the Senior Leadership Team.  If they prefer to put their complaint in writing, they can submit the Complaint Form to the address below. The Learner Journey Manager will ensure the complaint is referred on to the person best placed to respond:

Learner Journey Manager

ABM Training UK Ltd

Grove End Farm,
Bredgar Road,


Learner Journey Manager:

Work Contact: 01634 799950

The aims of these procedures

This process aims to:

  • Encourage complainants to resolve their dissatisfaction through open and informal procedures in the first instance
  • Provide clear procedures for users of ABM’s services to raise their comments in a way that is free from intimidation and excessive bureaucracy
  • Ensure that staff are provided with the necessary guidance and skills to handle complaints effectively and appropriately, in accordance with the procedures
  • Ensure that the complainant is advised of the outcome of their complaint within the specified timeframes
  • Offer guidance and support to complainants in making their complaints and any subsequent appeals
  • Ensure that privacy and confidentiality are respected when dealing with a complaint
  • Ensure all complaints are investigated thoroughly and fairly
  • Protect the complainant and other parties involved in the complaint from recrimination or reprisal both during a complaint and following its closure
  • Remedy the complaint and recompense complainants where there are sufficient grounds to do so
  • Provide the complainant with the right to appeal against the outcome of their complaint
  • Resolve the complaint as quickly as possible within the time frames stated within this policy as far as reasonably possible

The basic principle of these procedures is that complaints should be resolved fairly and at the earliest possible opportunity. Any dissatisfaction should be addressed as quickly as possible to improve the quality of service provided.

The Learner Journey Manager will maintain a central log of complaints on the database which will be analysed regularly by the Leadership team. Complaints link into the companies KPIs and reporting purposes and are taken seriously. The chart below illustrates the proper procedures for responding to a complaint:

Complaints Form

Complaints Form

  • DD slash MM slash YYYY
  • Please add any additional information.

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