RISE Module Catalogue

ABM Training has authored a wide range of e-learning materials. These are available as part of an ABM apprenticeship, as standalone self directed e-learning or as part of your own in-house L&D programme. We use Articulate RISE 360 and Storyboard to create interactive workbooks. They are fully SCORM compliant.

Each module is content rich and includes video, interactive exercises and assessment quizzes. Our catalogue is ever expanding – we are creating more than 100 courses.

ABM can also create bespoke RISE modules on demand and dove-tail these into your own training programmes. Email for more details and pricing.

Browse our catalogue of courses below:

Effective Leadership

This course is all about management and leadership and the difference between the two.
We look at different types and styles of leadership and participants explore managing conflict and transactional leadership.

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Creating and Maintaining your CPD

This RISE module is all about creating CPD plans for yourself and your team. We look at objective setting, monitoring, application and evaluation.

A practical hands on guide to up-skilling staff.

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Compliance and Safe Delivery of Services

This module explores the statutory and legislative frameworks that underpin social care provision.

Course includes section on the Care Quality Commission and getting ready for an inspection.

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Safeguarding (Adult Care)

What exactly is safeguarding in the context of adult care ?

This digital workbook looks at the basics before moving onto to specific topics like cyberbullying, abuse, exploitation and risk assessment.

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Safeguarding (Young People)

How much do you know about safeguarding and how ready are you to put theory into practice ?

Check your knowledge base and test yourself at the end of this digital workbook.

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Safeguarding (Schools)

What safeguarding roles and responsibilities do Teaching Assistants have and what are the challenges in the classroom?

Team work, multi agency practice, knowing when and where to ‘escalate’ are all addressed in this module.

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Understanding Children and Young People

This course looks at the changing needs of children as they develop and grow.

We look at physical, emotional, social and behavioural progression and consider how this effects cognitive development.

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Understanding the Care System

How do the various elements of the ‘care system’ fit together and how does a young person experience them ?

We look at the roles of key professionals, the local authority, legal and statutory frameworks.

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How Pupils Learn and Develop

This course is all about child development from birth through to age 19. We look at the range of transitions that a child experiences and how this effects their learning.

Really helpful if you are involved in teaching or mentoring your learners.

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The School Curriculum

This RISE module is a great “starter for 10”. We work through the rationale and content of the national curriculum- why it is like it is and what it is designed to achieve.

The perfect starting point for aspiring or junior Teaching Assistants.

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Key School Policy and Jargon

Behaviour policy; code of conduct; rewards and sanction policy. Three themes common in school documents that you need to understand when you start working in a school.

This RISE module talks you through all the key policies and the “jargon” used within them.

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Understanding the Care Worker Job Role

Just started working in the care sector as a care assistant ? Or are you, as an employer, recruiting new junior staff with little or no previous experience?

This RISE module works through the basic responsibilities and key aspects of a care assistant job.

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The ABM suite of RISE modules can be used as standalone self led learning, incorporated into your own organisations L&D provision or as part of an apprenticeship. Modules are available to other training providers on a user licence basis.

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